Keep the water out of your basement

underground reservoir/ dry-well/ french drain surface drain under downspout in interlock patio
Never Have Water Issues!

When planning work on your property, we always make sure that water is ending up in a desired location. Nothing can ruin a day like water. Too much in the wrong place and you could loose a shoe or even the contents of your basement.

We make sure all non-permeable pavement is grading in the correct direction. Where downspouts will exit onto a pathway/ patio, we alway price in a method of diversion. Our most requested method would be underground drainage resevoir (dry well). This way the water can quickly exfiltrate into the ground water instead of across the surface. This will substantially limit ice builld up in winter as well. It will be your favourite addition to your property that you never see.

We use the best quality materials on the market. From drains to even the piping underground, every piece of the system is installed with care and precision.

Culvert Installations

When installing culverts we use all synthetic materials because the biggest failure we see is the use of steel culverts. HDPE Lasts longer and costs less now and later.

retaining wall window well out of precast concrete
Window Wells

There are many types of window wells available to protect your sub-grade windows from storms & snow melt. We offer beautiful precast concrete retaining walls, Easy Well by Bowman-Kemp: 18guage steel with stacked stone print interior, or the stanadard Corrugated Galvanized Steel.