Spring & Fall Clean-up, We're Not Talking Leaves

cedar deck pressure washing concrete step pressure washing & cleaning

No matter how low maintenance any patio and property is, you can't stop dirt and mold build-up in the great outdoors. We offer many Spring Openning services to get you ready for another year of relaxing outside. High-preassure power washing can clean all the pores in your concrete and decking surfaces. Cleaning the build up of salt off your driveway and surounding area can help preserve the original beauty.

We offer many different Cleaning and/or Sealing options for both wood and concrete. Wood decking is especially prone to mildew building up on the surface; making it very slippery. This is from the loosening of fibres on the surface. Cleaning yearly can remove this build up before it gets to be a hazard or even starts to rot the surface. Afterwards we suggest an application of waterbased sealer to help seal the pores.

Plow Damage & Winter Debris

City of Ottawa sidewalk and road plows ripping up you lawn. Why wait for them to fix it? Treat you lawn to a Top Dressing service and we can fix your lawn all at once.

Over the winter, branches fall and debris blows around. All this waste usually ends up in the garden. Give us a call for our garden renewell service. We can trim perenials and clean up your garden. This is always the best time to put down a commercial weed barrier and mulch to protect from weeds and drought.

pond cleaning and opening and closing aquascape pond
Fall Pond Closures

When the weather starts getting cold your water feature, if not heated, usually needs to be closed up for the winter. Let us winterize them for an easy opening in the spring.