Hardscaping has a fun side

Pile of bricks Building with columns

Using stone in the garden is a practice that dates back millennia. When done correctly, it can last for many years to come.

Stone can provide better access to a garden, guide your steps up a slope, channel water or hold back a hillside, proving that even at its most practical stone can still be garden art.

Our crews employ a huge amount of dedication, time and expertise to carefully position each stone in place, creating very low maintenance stone additions to fit your landscape and taste.

Precast concrete and stone patios are outdoor living areas that play host to dinners under stars, barbecue sessions and beers with friends.

Our hardscaping walls are more than just decorative, they're functional

We work with our product suppliers to make sure all new products are installed properly with modern and traditional building techniques. We don't just build a wall, we create something beautiful that will outlast the elements. With all the style combinations available theses days, it makes wall more of an art than just a bunch of concrete holding up dirt.

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Stone step tips

Stone steps and staircases feel sturdy and secure underfoot, as if they were part of the land itself.

They can provide a distinguished ascent to your front door, a cool resting spot for bare feet in the summer, or graceful access down to a shoreline or garden.