Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We mainly use Techo-Bloc products for all of our work as they our the leader in precast concrete Quality and Style. We will also use Permacon, Unilock, & Browns if Techo-Bloc doesn't have the style you'd prefer.
We always make sure there is no frost in the ground before and construction can start. Soil density & compaction means everything in a lasting job. If you are looking for a large project to be completed, we suggest to start planning in the fall. This helps ensure all materials are decided before the ground thaws in the spring. Depending on the structures in your project, you may need permits obtained beforehand.
Yes, we do. If it has to do with landscaping, we can find it and deliver it for you. We normally get all of our Premium aggregates from Greely Sand & Gravel. We offer a delivery fee of $95.00+HST for all loads under 3.5Tonnes or 10 Cubic Yards.Aggregate minimun charge of $35.00+HST
Give us the square footage of the area and we can calculate it for you.
Yes, we do. There are a whole variety of lighting units available for every size property. We normally use the great product lines from In-Lite or Kichler Lighting.
We recommend that every spring, when the sand is dried, to give a light pressure wash with a mild cleaner. This will remove dirt and debris making it easier to inspect. Any small voids can have new sand swept in. If the Sand has reached end of life then polymeric sand reinstallation will be required. Never neglect the Sand as it is what keeps water out in the winter freeze/thaw cycles.
Most species of grass require a minum of 2.5cm of water per week. We recommend watering your lawn before 8am and after 6PM or at dusk. Making sure your lawn is watered will prevent drought and the pests that come with it.
Yes. All of our plants come from local nurseries. If you want a specific species of Flora don't hesitate to ask. We do charge a delivery fee on all orders.
When home buyers are looking for a new place, they are not allways worried about the landscaping. This is why you need something high quality that is both functional and low maintenance. If you make that outdoor space Pop they will make sure they have the highest bid. Not everybody wants to live through a construction site when they first move in. Having it done for them better than they could meen the difference between underbid and overbid.
We make sure all our employees are up to date with safety training as well as regular meetings to ensure all concerns are addressed immediately. We work with our product manufacturers & distributors to make sure all products are installed to the highest industry standards.